Litany of Secrets

In rural eastern Missouri sits St. Basil’s Seminary, an idyllic center of reflection and study and peace.

But when the sudden, suspicious death of a visiting priest shakes the community to the core, Detective Cameron Ballack is called to investigate the matter.

Facing hardship and tragedy of his own, and confined to a wheelchair, Ballack finds that the seemingly devoted members of St. Basil’s have skeletons in their own closets. And when one murder follows another, Ballack must redouble his efforts to cut through the clouds of past sins before death strikes once more, this time with Ballack in its sights.

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Luke Herron Davis is the author of the Cameron Ballack Mystery series, of which Litany of Secrets is the initial volume. He is also the author of the poetry book Through a Child’s Eyes, a tribute to his late son. Luke has taught in the ethics and religion departments at private schools in Missouri, Florida, Virginia, and Louisiana. He lives with his wife Christy and their children in Saint Charles, Missouri.

Litany of Secrets is his first book with Dunrobin Publishing.