In It To Win It

In 2008, Derek Grier embarked on a journey … and became one of the youngest elected officials in the State of Missouri. During the journey, he learned how to run an effective campaign and everything that went into winning an election. He talked to those who had been successful in the past, and learned through successes and mistakes during his own campaigns.

There was no guide on how to do it. He just had to get to it.

Derek, the grandson of the Mayor of Hollywood during the 1940s, served two terms in public office, and has a strong desire to help others who seek to serve by helping them learn how to organize and run a campaign, without having to learn the hard way. This book is designed to do just that.

What’s a walk list? When should you send mailings? How do you raise money?

This book will show you all this and more, without hiring a campaign manager or consultant to tell you the so-called “secrets” of running a campaign.

If you are thinking about serving in our great nation, or seek to help someone else succeed in this high and honorable calling, this book is the guide you need.




Derek Grier lives in Chesterfield, Missouri, with his wife, 2-year-old son, and their dog. In 2011, Derek was elected to the Chesterfield City Council. At the age of 29, he was the youngest elected official in the city’s history. Actively engaging with many well-respected politicians and political operatives in the country, he continues to share his experience and the secrets to running a successful campaign.

Politics and community service have always been a part of Derek’s life. Growing up, his grandfather shared stories of his work during the 1940s to create the Walk of Fame and save the iconic ‘Hollywood’ sign during his tenure as Mayor of Hollywood. Derek continues the family tradition of public service, and has a passion for country and community.

When not up to his ears in politics, Derek runs his own real estate business. He also enjoys collaborating with musicians all over the world to create music; Derek plays the saxophone.